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An Oregon company, whose mission is simple: to bring healthy, flavorful and exotic foods to you.

Vibrant Flavors is a dream come true. Literally. Donna Dockins created original recipes and healthy meals for her clients in a private chef and catering business. She often thought about how to bring these delicious recipes to the world. When a friend from New Zealand introduced her to dukkah, the dream became reality. Dukkah, a blend of nuts, seeds and spices, is a traditional food from Ancient Egypt. Eaten as a snack or part of a light meal, dukkah is known for its complex flavors, crunchy texture and nutritious attributes.

After realizing that dukkah’s main ingredient was hazelnuts, one of Oregon’s major crops, Donna’s quest began. She developed five unique flavors of dukkah using the traditional base of hazelnuts, sesame seeds and peanuts. Vibrant Flavors Oregon Dukkah is a healthy, delicious product made from locally sourced Oregon ingredients. The packaging for Oregon Dukkah is produced in Oregon and is made from recycled and biodegradable materials.

Donna’s attraction to the unique and unusual soon had her experimenting again. This time with an old favorite – hard pretzels. Crunchy, flavored snacks have always been a favorite of hers. Never liking the greasy film or sticky powder that coated her hands when eating flavored chips, she engaged her creative spirit to develop something clean, crisp and different. After many months of trial and error, she developed a unique way to flavor hard pretzels. Vibrant Flavors Pretzels are all natural, crunchy and delicious.


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Just wanted to say we love your product! It’s way too addictive! We ate the entire box in one sitting! We need to order more!
- The Kanalys -

Your Dukkah is our new favorite treat around this gourmet household. It’s healthy, full of vitamins and minerals and really makes something plain like a banana or soup extraordinary. YUMMY!
- Kathleen Cacouris -
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