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Vibrant Flavors™ Pretzels

All Natural Goodness. All Crunchy Awesomeness.

Anytime, anywhere...Vibrant Flavors Pretzels are an ideal, snack. With flavors like Beerzels™ (beer flavored), Italian Herb, Sweet Onion, Roasted Garlic, Barbecue, and Maple Bacon, there is a favorite for everyone.

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Oregon Dukkah™

Dip Like an Egyptian.

Inspired by an ancient Egyptian recipe, this flavorful mixture of Oregon hazelnuts, sesame seeds and spices is made from the finest and freshest ingredients. Explore the five flavors of Oregon Dukkah – Traditional, Zesty, Smoky Hot, Coconut and Sweet.

Go Ahead, Double Dip!

The original way to “do the dukkah” is to take a chunk of bread, dip into olive oil, than dip into dukkah, eat and enjoy. It’s a great compliment to good wine.

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